About Us

Holly Hatton Jorgensen-Owner and Operator

Eenie Weenies Breeder

Eenie Weenies is located in Woodview, Ontario. We are breeders of CKC registered miniature dachshunds. Our male, Wyatt is a beautiful silver dapple and our female, Charlotte is a rich colored chocolate based red. We believe in raising our “weenies” the most healthy way possible by providing them with raw meals that have all the nutrients they will need to grow healthy and strong!

My Love for Miniature Dachshunds

My love for this breed started with a trip to Denmark with my husband. Cousins there had 2 sweet miniature dachshunds that I just fell in love with. On my return from that trip I got diagnosed with the early stages of breast cancer. During one of my trips to the radiation center I was on my phone and found an ad for miniature dachshund puppies for sale. I asked my husband about going to see them. He still laughs about this, as he says you never just go and “see a puppy”, you go and get a puppy! That day I came home with the sweetest little boy that we named Ollie. He would lay on my chest when I was drained from my treatments. He gave me such comfort and I called him my therapy dog. And the rest is history…….(oh and I have a clean bill of health!)